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All about Ievaphone services

We all know that making international calls can be hard on wallet particularly when you have to talk with your family or friend for long period of time. Luckily Ievaphone come with the solution to save bundle on your phone bill. Ievaphone makes free calls possible over VoIP with it you can call any number from your PC or smartphone without spending any single penny. The site doesn’t annoy you with the registration process, asking for your credit card or bank details or by flooding your mailbox with ambiguous emails. All you need to do is to visit the site make the call and pour your heart’s content on the phone. Everything comes with a price tag but with Ievaphone it’s your smile that pays them.

Ievaphone can be used to make free calls 24/7 from anywhere in the world. It provides reliable, free and quality calling services across the globe. There is a restriction on the number of calls, i.e. it allows you to make 4 calls per day. The calls are restricted by the country of the phone you are trying to call. To use Ievaphone all you need to do is to dial the number with international code and call.

Hardware or Software requirement

Ievaphone doesn’t requires any installation like plugin or application download. It is a browser based application that allows you to make free calls across the globe. All you need is a PC or smartphone with browser that supports Adobe Flash Player and a mic; however a headset is preferred for quality experience. Ievaphone currently supports almost all platforms. A 3G or a broadband network is enough for making quality calls through Ievaphone but it is also advisable to use high speed internet to churn most out of the service.

Do I have to register to avail free service?

Ievaphone doesn’t require you to register or signup in order to avail services. It also doesn’t requires or prompt you for your credit card or bank details. The service is totally free and can be availed from anywhere across the globe. All you need to do is to visit the site and start using it.

How do I use it?

Using Ievaphone is quite easy make sure your browser supports Adobe Flash player. Now visit Ievaphone site and enter the number you want to call along with the country code. Click on the dial button to initiate the call. Your call be will be connected in a few seconds.

What are the benefits of using Ievaphone?

Ievaphone is completely free, reliable and discreet service. It’s totally free because it will never ask you for your bank or credit card details. It doesn’t require any registration or signup so it will not send you junk mails to flood your mailbox. It simply provides you free calls to any location across the globe, to any number mobile or landline. It doesn’t require any specific plugin, application, browser or smartphone; it will conveniently work with whatever specifications you have.

So, what you are waiting visit Ievaphone and start call for free online right now.