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Now don't avoid making calls to Singapore from your own country just because of the higher call rates, because advanced technology has made it possible to make free calls to Singapore and all other countries. Yes, with the expansion of VoIP technology, making free international as well as national calls is getting immense popularity. Today, almost organizations used to prefer VoIP or internet phone to make contact with the clients residing in faraway countries.

Free calls to Singapore through iEvaPhone

What this VoIP technology is? VoIP is an advanced innovation of the modern era. Its full form is voice over internet protocol. You can say its name defines its working well viz. transforming human voice over the internet. Its working is as simple and same as our traditional phone lines. There is no doubt to say that VoIP technology has replaced the working of telephone lines. How? Let's discuss.

There is a telephone line works behind each call we make using traditional phones. Whenever we dial a number using traditional phone telephone line connects us to the recipient and makes communication possible between two people. Same as a traditional phone, when we use internet phone, it uses VoIP (voice over internet protocol) technology in the lieu of telephone line to transform the voice between the caller and the recipient. The only difference it makes is the cost. Yes, the cost is the biggest difference between calling using a traditional phone and internet phone.

How can VoIP technology be used? Basically, you don't have to use VoIP technology directly rather you have an easy access to it viz. VoIP based websites. Today, a number of VoIP based websites are available on the internet and are easy to search. These websites allow the general audience to visit them for free and making free national and international calls. All you have to do is to arrange a computer system first with internet connection support a good enough bandwidth. After arranging it you have to connect a good set of headphone with it. Now, the time is to open Google and searching a VoIP based website that allows free calling. Once you find one good website, visit there, you will see a digital phone there with digits and different country codes. Select the country code of Singapore or the country you want to make a call in and dial the number of that person and click on the digital dial button. After a few seconds, you will be able to talk to that person.

This way, you even don't need to cut the call in a hurry as you can talk for a long time to that person using VoIP based phone. Another benefit is, only you know how you are calling not the recipient or the person on the other end.

Today, people from faraway countries used to prefer Singapore as a study destination, business destination and for getting settled on a permanent basis. In this situation, making calls to each other as in between that person living in Singapore and his/her family and friends becomes necessary. However, the cost of international calls may restrict one, but not anymore as now one can make free calls to Singapore without concerning about the call cost.

Thusly, start making use of internet phone and make free calls to Singapore at a cost equals to nothing. This way you can make your conversation period long and can enjoy the communication at fullest.

This method allows people to sustain a relationship from faraway countries and allows companies to sustain good business relations with their clients living in another country that too without spending much on the methods of communication.

Singapore country code

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Singapore country code - (65)