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Do you have someone living in Uganda? If yes, then you must be aware of the cost of calling from your country to Uganda. It is much more than making calls within your own country. Call provider companies used to sell their services at a higher rate. This forced one to think again and again before making any international call. Sometimes, people even used to listen to each other on the call when there is something very important to share otherwise they avoid calling each other for a long time. Isn`t it an unpleasant thing?

If you want to make free international calls through the internet, then all you have to do is to find a VoIP based website on the Google. Once you find a suitable website, you have to open it, after opening the website you will see a digital phone is appearing on the screen, now you have to select the code of the Uganda and have to type the number of the person to whom you want to make a call, after typing the number, click on the green button to dial that number and here you are connected to that person. It may take a few seconds to connect you to that person.

Free calls to Uganda through iEvaPhone

Of course, it is as not making calls often to the person living in a faraway country from you may put one in a grief, but the second side making international calls on a daily basis is not an easy concern. It is a costly affair to make international calls on a daily basis and some people`s pocket doesn`t allow them to do so. But, don`t be sad as you can make a call to your dear one on a daily basis that too without worrying about the cost.

How is it possible? Well, first you have to understand that what costing you more while making an international call? Think again what it is? Let us help. It is your regular mobile or landline phone that is costing you more and resists you to make an international call at the time you desire. Thus, first of all, stop making calls using your regular phone line.

If one will not use regular phone lines, then how they can make any call? It is simple to make international calls without using your regular phone e.g. by switching to a unique method of making international calls e.g. the internet. As you know that the advancement of the internet has enriched people with a lot of facilities and offering calling facility is an additional service the internet offers.

How it allows making calls? Today, a number of websites on the internet are offering free calls to Uganda and many other countries. These websites charge nothing against such services, however, some of them may have some special offers or plan that a client has to comprehend. Still, most of the websites will not charge anything for a fixed time limit of a call. Moreover, if they will charge anything, then the cost will be less than the cost you bear by calling with the traditional method.

What allows these sites to offer to make free calls to Uganda? As we discussed the advancement of the internet, advancement in the technology also has introduced us to VoIP technology.

When we use our regular phones, the phone line used to transfer the voice between the caller and the recipient. VoIP (voice over internet protocol) is a technology that has replaced the working of the simple phone line. When you make a call using the internet, then the VoIP technology will transfer your voice to the recipient dividing your voice into small pieces.

Uganda country and area codes

Uganda country code - 256

Our website automatically inserts the country code when selecting the required country from the list.

Uganda area codes:

Fort Portal483Lira473Mityana46
Jinja43Masindi465MTN Operator3x