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Is free international call offers are reliable? Is it really free of cost? Are you paying indirectly for international calls? Is it a scam? These are some basic questions occur in one’s mind for sure while talking about free international calls but, the answer of all these questions is yes, one can make free international calls without spending a single penny. Making free international calls are possible through internet broadband services. We all know that communicating via internet by chatting, video chat etc. is common but for that another person also should have same sources like computers or internet connections but, people are less aware form the services being offered by some websites to make free call to Iraq, Pakistan, Dubai, India and anywhere across this world moreover for these calls another person should not have to equipped with the same sources that one caller have as one can make a call from pc to another person’s mobile phone also. It is also called broadband phones.

Free call to Iraq through iEvaPhone

Now-a-days people from business sectors that use to deal with foreigners prefer to contact via broadband phones for saving money. Communicating through broadband phones is actually cost effective as if one is paying broadband bill for their connection don’t have to pay for calls made through internet as you are paying through your broadband connection for these calls. It will deduct your bandwidth as call cost which is more reasonable then calling direct from mobile phone.

What belongings are essential to make your free call process possible?

VoIP (Voice on internet protocol) technology makes it possible to make free international calls via internet moreover it is that advanced in nature that one can make call through pc to another user’s mobile like normal phone calls. All free call provider websites like Ievaphone and many others over internet are VoIP based. What belongings you need for this possible process are:

Steps to make free call to Iraq:

Making an international call is not a rigid task where one need to download or install something, has to sign up with or has to fill their personal information rather it is as easy as calling direct through mobile phone by just following some simple steps:

Duration of Free International Calls:

Every website have various packages to offer for a free phone call. Time limit is not decided but for an appraisal it can be from ten seconds to one minute or more. Time limit of a free international call also depends upon country in which one is making a call. For an instance free call to Iraq can give you 1 minute where free call to Dubai can give you 1 minute and ten seconds same is with other countries.

Iraq country and area codes

Iraq country code - (964)

Our website automatically inserts the country code when selecting the required country from the list.

Iraq area codes: