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Is free international call offers are reliable? Is it really free of cost? Are you paying indirectly for international calls? Is it a scam? These are some basic questions occur in one`s mind for sure while talking about free international calls but, the answer of all these questions is yes, one can make free international calls without spending a single penny. Making free international calls are possible through internet broadband services. We all know that communicating via internet by chatting, video chat etc. is common but for that another person also should have same sources like computers or internet connections but, people are less aware form the services being offered by some websites to make free call to Iraq, Pakistan, Dubai, India and anywhere across this world moreover for these calls another person should not have to equipped with the same sources that one caller have as one can make a call from pc to another person`s mobile phone also. It is also called broadband phones.

Free call to Iraq mobile through iEvaPhone

Well, today challenging the internet for anything is like a prank as everybody knows the use of internet that how it helps to connect people from various corners of the world via its websites for chat and mails or social networking but, many people still don`t know the entire benefit of having internet. Some people don`t believe that internet can do the work of phone but now it is possible to make calls through internet whether in your own country or any other country of this world that too free of cost.

How this miracle happen? VoIP technology makes it possible to make calls through internet as today Internet have many websites like Ievaphone and some more that uses VoIP (voice over internet protocol) technique that supports to convey phone calls via internet. VoIP is one another approach to transfer the call to the traditional telephonic networks and the call go through the internet on the lieu of traditional phone lines.

Now what comes in one`s mind is that, is it compulsory to have same sources to another person for call via internet? The answer is no as one can even make a call from pc to mobile and mobile to pc no need to have mutual sources to communicate with each other. Assume you are from India and want to call somebody to Iraq then you can certainly utilize your pc to make free call to Iraq mobile phone.

It sounds like a messy procedure to some but, it is as convenient to make calls through internet as your mobile phone. If you are accessing internet then it is not a big concern for you like you just need microphones, headphones and internet with good speed to make international calls. You just need to go on a website that provides free international calls like one page will get open with the picture of mobile phone then you has to select the country in which you are calling, enter the number of another person and click on the call button and you are allied.

Some people still don`t believe that making international calls via internet is literally free and they assume that will pay with another way but, the truth is you don`t need to pay a single penny to anybody except your internet bill as charge of these calls is bandwidth of your internet which is more inexpensive then making an international call direct from your mobile.