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Frequently Asked Questions

What is

Ievaphone is an innovative web application that allows you to enjoy free international phone calls and stay connected to your family and friends on all mobiles or land line phones.

Do I need to sign-up/register for making free calls?

No, this is a registration free service. Just visit the site to dial your number and you can enjoy the service with a quick access to the internet.

Is there any special requirement to use this service?

Well yes, the minimal requirement is a system, internet connection, mic and a speaker. You can make the best of this free call service you need nothing but just a flash player that allows you to play the application.

Are there any limits?

To prevent abuse and network congestion, Ievaphone allows 4 calls in a day that is a duration for 24 hours on a single IP. Once your reach the limit, you are requested to wait another 24 hours to use the free call service again. The timing of the call is governed by the software and once the time limit is over, the call automatically gets disconnected.

Does the recipient of the call pays anything? Do they have to pay the cost of the call if it is free at my end?

No, not at all. Ievaphone pays for the calls which is the reason why there is a time limit on the calls.

How do the calls work? comes equipped with the latest version of well-known calling service that allows making call 24/7 absolutely free. The attractive services features 4 limited calls a day. Your current web browser can help you make free international call by dialling the desirable number. Ievaphone offers unobtrusive, reliable, free service and it will never ask for any bank transfer or credit card details.

Can I make use of my mobile browser to make these free calls?

You can use the popular mobile browsers. Using older mobile platform may have difficulties but in case of any issues you can always upgrade.

What mobile networks are supported by Ievaphone?

We currently cover around 95% of today’s mobile network when it is about free calling.

Someone is bothering me with unwanted calls? Do I have a feature to block them?

First thing first, we truly recommend the abuse of such services and the inconvenience caused because of these free services. You can always put those numbers of do not disturb list and if needed you can always reverse the action.