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Internet has literally changed the lives of all the people living in this time. Over the span of around 20 years, we have experienced a drastic change in the way we live our lives. Although change is inevitable but because of internet the complete scenario undergo a drastic change. The World Wide Web is full of information, knowledge and opportunities. It has plethora of information that can be shared with everyone who uses it. The magnitude is simply astounding as the internet has various applications and is extremely useful to all of us. In such a scenario there are hardly a few things that have not been affected or influenced by the internet.

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Free call to China through iEvaPhone

Online free calling services

How about if we could to various countries for free of cost? We all know that international calling rates are sky high and that they add up on top of other expenses. Imagine if businessmen could call china for free of cost and talk about their consignments and orders. It would certainly be a welcome change. Well, worry no more, now with the amazing uses of internet; this one company has the ability to enable a person to make a free call to china or any other country as well. To make use of this and to start making free call to china, all you need is a computer, smartphone or a tablet. The gadget should be equipped with a microphone and a flash player compatible internet browser. Yes, this is all you need. With you can call for free to many countries. You simply need to reach onto this website. There are no sign up formalities or any other obstacle.

The website entails a virtual dialler, you just need to decide the country and punch in the number on the virtual dialler and that’s all about it. You can place free calls all around the world if you have a gadget that has the aforementioned requisites. Right now, the number of calls you can place is restricted to a specific number depending on the country. But is all set to roll out its premium version will let its customers or users make unlimited international calls for free. This free service from can help you cut of your international calling expenses. It is extremely useful for a businessman as well who wish to take the benefit of free call to china or other countries. If you can make international calls for free, why use expensive calling cards and then pay for them?
Happy calling.

Technological advancement

Now, as the world moved on from its medieval times, people started to wonder about all the opportunities they could have. Technology obviously enabled a human to do extraordinary things. For instance, earlier people did not know how to travel to another country and even if someone did it took almost months to reach another country. But now as we all know it, we have made airplanes that can help us reach any country within hours. So, with such resources at our disposal, humans started moving out of their homes and countries in order to work, live and flourish.

China emerging as a manufacturing leader

China is undoubtedly one of the biggest manufacturers around the globe. It has tremendous manufacturing abilities and the scale at which china produces is commendable. With so much to manufacture and produce a lot of people started going to china for work. China being the prominent manufacturer invited or attracted a lot of foreign businessmen as well. But there are myriads of expenses to look after in a business. Managing expenses can be a difficult task for some. It is not that easy to control or regulate your expenses. With prices increasing substantially in every country, people are all out for getting things done for free.

China country and area codes

China country code - (86)

Our website automatically inserts the country code when selecting the required country from the list.

China area codes:
Anyang372Jiangmen750Taizhou, JS523
Baoding312Jilin432Taizhou, ZJ576
Huaibei561Suzhou, AH557Zhuzhou731
Huai'an517Suzhou, JS512Zibo533
Huhehaote (Hohhot)471Tai'an538Zunyi852