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How To Use Ievaphone To Make Free Calls

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Ievaphone is a free online application that allows you to make free calls directly from your PC or smartphone to another phone directly from your browser. Using Ievaphone you can call any regular telephone network through any internet service provider and avoid huge charges that incurs when calling ISD numbers. You can access the service without any registration or application download. All you need to do is to visit their official site form any browser, enter the number you want to call and start making calls. As far as the hardware is concerned, you only need a mic or a headset.

How to use Ievaphone?

  1. You must have a computer or smartphone with internet connection and a browser that supports Adobe Flash Player 9.0 or higher.
  2. Go to the Ievaphone website
  3. Allow the flash widget to load
  4. To make a free call through Ievaphone, choose the country from list and enter the number
  5. To initiate the call press the call button
  6. Now you will be presented by a short promotional video wait for few second to let it finish
  7. You will be automatically connected to the number you have dialled.

Free calls made by the Ievaphone are limited. Currently Ievaphone offers 4 free calls per day. The time limit for each free call is governed by the call’s destination. Once the free time is over you will get automatically disconnected.

Why you should use Ievaphone?

Ievaphone is completely free and reliable. Ievaphone offers completely free outgoing calls to any number. It will never ask you for your credit card or bank details. Furthermore you don’t need any registration or signup to use its service; you can simply visit their site to dial a number. It allows you to make calls to any destination around the globe; you can call mobilephones or even on landlines. It doesn’t require any plugin or application to install before using its service. You can access its services directly through the browser. Currently Ievaphone is available on all platforms which supports Adobe Flash player. It allows you to connect through 3G or broadband connections; however a speedy connection can further enhance the call quality.

Ievaphone is certainly a unique concept and the free calls makes it even more desirable.If you need to call some place for free or a quick chat then Ievaphone is certainly worth the shot.