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Free calls to Mozambique

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Do the Tofo beach and Marine Parks allure you all the time? Do you always feel to catch a flight and go to see your family in Mozambique? We can't give you a free flight, but iEvaphone has introduced their free call service to Mozambique recently.

Free calls to Mozambique through iEvaPhone

People who need to make frequent calls to Mozambique for personal or business purpose can now make free calls to Mozambique without bothering about the International call rates. No registration, no sharing credit card details, and no further installing any hardware or software, you can enjoy your 4 free calls/day just having a high-speed internet connection.

Mozambique country and area codes

Mozambique country code - (258)

Mozambique area codes:


3 easy steps to make free calls to Mozambique

  1. Go to iEvaPhone.Com
  2. Select Mozambique from country list and enter phone number
  3. Press Call button