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You cannot deny the business rich ventures in Malta. This might be the sole reason behind its growing popularity. So, it won’t be long when your little one might grow up and get a job over there. So, he has to move to the new place, miles away from you. Well, sometimes, especially during festive season, you might want to give them a call and show that they are missed and love. It is during such instances, when the services of making free calls to Malta seems to be a lucrative option. You are going to come across some of the best features, which can never be procured from other service providers.

Free calls to Malta through iEvaPhone

Qualified help at your service

You are always going to procure qualified help from these Internet servers. The simple layout makes it easy for you to work on the dialing session. It is more like the simple layout you have in your phone. But, before you press the button, make sure to dial the code of that country first, followed by the mobile number. After that press green, and you are good to go. The services are hard for you to miss and free of cost, to be a special one.

No plug ins and more

With the help of this free software, you are free from any plug ins. You don’t have to work on any of the software download session too. This is going to act in your favor. As you are not making any download, so you are free from any male are or virus attack. And you are free from any unnecessary popups and ads. So, now you can make four free calls per day, and never get to miss your loved ones ever. Make free calls to Malta and without going for any investment plans, at all.

Ievaphone at your service

Ievaphone is that one significant website, offering free calls 24 x 7. Those days are long gone when you have to set aside a budget for making ISD calls. Now, you can use the money for other purposes, and make calls free of cost. The packages are hard for you to resist, and with four calls per day, you can have a hearty conversation. They are working hard to make calls free and have done the same, just for you and other happy customers. You will be hooked up to it, once and for all, and never look for an alternative.

Malta country code

Our website automatically inserts the country code when selecting the required country from the list.

Malta country code - (356)