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Making those expensive phone calls seems to be quite a daunting task. Moreover, it will definitely cost you a lot. So, people refrain from making any calls to their loved ones, even if they are staying miles apart. However, sending messages once in awhile is not likely to be staying connected at all. So, you have to find other means of making a call. Now, with just a strong Internet browser, you get the chance to make free calls to Tanzania without fail. It might seem dreamy, but in reality it is not. You can make free calls not just in this country, but anywhere around the world.

Free calls to Tanzania through iEvaPhone

Quality calls at your service

Now, there are various reasons to choose these places for making a call. The first and foremost is that the calls are absolutely free of cost. So, no matter where you are trying to make calls and for how many hours, you won’t be charged a single penny extra. All you need to do is just keep up the good work and choose a strong Internet connection. After that, you get the opportunity to make free calls over here. You have the right to make calls not just in one number, but in multiple numbers in one day.

Bonus points for you

Mains more than one call is like bonus point. And when you can make these calls free, then half of your work is done. And you are free from downloading any third party software for running a call. As you are, free from downloading any software, so you are free from those unwanted ads and notifications, popping up always. On the other hand, get hold of those times, when you just have to log online to make free calls to Tanzania. It is like calling from your phone, with the same layout.

Simple layout to follow

Now, iEvaphone is using quality help, with the infrastructure too. You are free from any messy or high end layout. All you need to do is just click at the official website of this segment and get an online keypad, just like in your smartphone. Once you have gotten through this stage, just press the number with official codes and press the green button. At the end, please click on the red button to cancel the calls. It is as simple as it can get and without any negativity. You can make calls whenever the right time comes. You will love the features with it.

Tanzania country and area codes

Tanzania country code - (255)

Our website automatically inserts the country code when selecting the required country from the list.

Tanzania area codes:

Coast Region23Mara28Shinyanga28
Dar es Salaam22Mbeya25Singida26