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Austria is a German-speaking country located in the central Europe. Rich with gothic cathedrals and powerful military structural design, the country is landlocked with large mountains. Many travelers are classifying it classified as the meeting place of Europe.The cultural wealth of the country is influenced from every part of the world. Austria might look small on the world map, but it has a great reputation due to its music and art as well as of its architectural success.

Free calls to Austria through iEvaPhone

Other than being popular for its historic cities and villages in the attractive scenery offered by the Alps, there is more to Austria. It is a bridge-builder, a meeting place and a location for exchange of cultures in Europe. The business and industrial sector of Austria has plenty offerings for the world, which is expanding tremendously. However, the expansion costs a lot to the business as for getting the benefit of the globalization, they have to spend a reasonable sum.

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Austria country and area codes

Austria country code - (43)

Our website automatically inserts the country code when selecting the required country from the list.

Austria area codes:

Baden bei Wien2252Krems an der Donau2732Thuringen5550
Bad Gastein6434Krumpendorf4229Tulln2272
Klagenfurt4222Salzburg662Zell am See6542
Klosterneuburg2243Sankt Polten2742Zwetendorf2277