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Urge to know what is the concept of free calls to Nigeria? Let’s discuss the concept clearly. First of all, be informed that this is a complete truth that calling to the Nigeria without spending is possible. How? Well, hope you are aware that how technology is making it easy to communicate with the people living far away from us. Our telephones, mobile phones, etc. are available because of the advanced technology only. As technology is becoming more advanced and introducing with its unique benefits every day, it introduced us to a new technology called VoIP.

Free calls to Nigeria through iEvaPhone

What is VoIP? VoIP (Voice over internet protocol) is an advanced technology that is replacing the work of traditional phone lines. Yes, this technology is being used by several online websites to offer free calls to Nigeria and many other far away countries. It helps one to make free calls to the person living in Nigeria from his/her own country, but without worrying about the expense of making an international call. It also allows you to have longer conversations rather than cutting the call after sharing the necessary stuff.

How VoIP technology works? Well, to understand the functioning of VoIP technology, first you need to understand the functioning of your normal phones. When you make any call from your regular phone, then a phone line used to transfer our voice to the recipient. But, when you make a call through a VoIP based website, it divides your voice in small pieces and transfer to the recipient and when these pieces reached there they again convert back into the human voice. That is how VoIP technology makes conversation possible.

How to use this technology and how it is completely free? Using this technology is very simple as if you have a computer system with a good internet connection, then you can easily use VoIP technology to make free international and national calls. There are many websites on the internet using VoIP technology and offer free calls. You just need to find one good website and have to follow simple instructions given on the website. Once you are done with the instructions of selecting country code and dialing the number, you are just a few seconds wait away from the person you want to talk.

This technology has a bright future as today, relations with the people living in other countries like Nigeria is a common affair. It can be because of any purpose such as business, friendship or any other. Thus, communicating with them also becomes one of our routines. But, who will desire to lose his/her pocket to make international call? This is the time when you need an alternative, e.g. VoIP technology that allows you to make free calls to Nigeria using your internet connection.

Now use this technology and make unlimited international calls. You can talk to your friends, clients or family members for long and without worrying about the dangerous bill if you call them through this technology.

Nigeria country and area codes

Nigeria country code - (234)

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Nigeria area codes:

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