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Inflation is one of the major reasons why a lot of middle class people have to think before spending. And this is bound to happen because with time, things are getting expensive and gradually, the value of money is decreasing. For instance, you cannot buy the same amount of groceries in $50 in 2016, as compared to the amount of groceries you could buy with the same amount in 2006. A decade is a long time and things are bound to change within this time period. So, inflation is necessary, however, its rate can be controlled by the government and the economy of a country. That being said, it is always the middle class that bears the brunt of increasing inflationary trends. The upper class or the ones who are really well-endowed do not feel when they end up spending a lot.

Free calls to Italy through iEvaPhone

For the middle class families, it gets really tough because they cannot afford unnecessary expenses and have to manage within a given amount for the entire month. In such a scenario, it is only sensible to save from wherever you can. Talking about savings, how about if you can save a considerable amount of money on your telephone bills? The telephone operators charge a lot of money and especially if you are trying to make an international call, you better set a good limit for your phone bill. And if any of your relative is living abroad, it is almost impossible to contact your loved one on a daily basis because of extravagant costs of international calling.

This is where plays its role in helping you connect with your loved ones who are living abroad. For instance, you have someone living in a country like Italy; you can easily call your loved ones there because offers free calls to Italy which will help you in cutting your telephone bills to a great extent. Now, because of this amazing website and application, you have the discretion of placing international calls for free.

Like other apps or websites, ievaphone does not store your card’s info and is totally transparent in its functioning. You just need to have a gadget which supports different browsers and it is also recommended to have a pair of headphones for better sound clarity and you are all set to make free calls to Italy. In addition, even if you are using a 3G connection, you are still good to go because ievaphone does not really demand a speedy Wi-Fi connection, although if you have access to one you can use it for sure.

With no registration and no intrusion into your personal details, this is a wonderful platform to make international calls and save on your mobile bills. You just have to visit the website or app and select the country and punch in the correct number. Once you are through this, you can make free calls to Italy and start connecting with your loved ones for absolutely free. So, try to connect right now and happy calling.

Italy country and area codes

Italy country code - (39)

Our website automatically inserts the country code when selecting the required country from the list.

Italy area codes:
Andria883La Spezia187Rimini541
Arezzo575Latina773Reggio Calabria965
Bari80Lecce832Reggio Emilia522