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Cyprus is known to be the birthplace of Greek goddess of love Aphrodite, which shows the richness of the country in history and culture. It has everything for a perfect trip and gives you all for having a memorable time. Located in the easternmost island of the Mediterranean Sea, the island is known for its sun richen areas for sunbathing. It has seduced and inspired many generations of travelers, which is continued as thousands of people visit the country every year.

Free calls to Cyprus through iEvaPhone

The people all around the world are attracted towards the heady match of cheap travel, cheaper drinks and rich view that checks all the boxes of their international trip. The country shares a mixed DNA of Greek and Turkish empire and welcomes the visitors with open hearts to explore the beauty inherited by it. South coast of Cyprus is at its best in late springtime. It is a financial hub for investors coming from Russia and Eastern Europe.

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Cyprus country code

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Cyprus country code - (357)