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Although Guyana is a sovereign state of the South America and is well-known for the rich history and culture, political ties with the other Caribbean countries, there is no such striking development in the economy found in Guyana. The total economic structure solely depends on the agriculture, mining, and fishing. For the lack of infrastructure, no big industry has been developed in there. Due to such economic crisis, many people, in order to find better opportunities, migrate to the other states or corners of the America, and even another country, leaving their family behind in Guyana. These people need to contact their family while living in foreign land. But the high call charges, both the inland and international, restrain them from calling their dear ones frequently.

Free calls to Guyana through iEvaPhone

Modern technology has solved this problem too, gifting the human the facility to make free calls to Guyana as well as across the globe. Many companies are now providing free call services to the customers of almost all the nooks and corner of the world. Whether you want to make calls to your loved ones in Georgetown, or other places of Guyana, or want to make business calls to Guyana, you can enjoy this free call service, and save a lot of calling expenses. You can now easily make free calls to Guyana, without worrying about the phone bill.

How to Make Free Calls To Guyana?

The complete process of placing a free call does not involve any complications. You don't even need to get registered to the official sites of the fr5ee call service providers.

You need: If you possess the upper mentioned things, then follow the steps described below:


With the free calls service Of IEVAPHONE, it has become very easy and simple to make free or less expense call to any corner of the world. But, there are certain limitations of this free call service. You can make only 4 calls/ day with a certain time limitation of each call.

Guyana country and area codes

Guyana country code - (592)

Our website automatically inserts the country code when selecting the required country from the list.

Guyana area codes (landline numbers):
Anna Regina771Georgetown218, 219, 223, 225, 226, 227, 231, 263New Amsterdam333, 334
Bartica455Lethem772Parika260, 262
Charity771Linden444Rose Hall337
Corriverton335, 339Mahdia456Rosignol330
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  2. Select Yemen from country list and enter phone number
  3. Press Call button