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There was a time when people used to wait for days to get a reply from their relatives, living in another country. Then comes telephone and mobile phone services, you can hear your loved ones, and talk to them at one time. But no matter whether you are living abroad, or your kith and kins are in abroad, international phone calls are comparatively expensive than the inland calling charges. But modern technology has solved this problem too. It has gifted us the privilege to call our loved ones for free, anytime we want. If you are an Indonesian, living abroad, there's good news for you. You can now make free calls to Indonesia, without thinking the expenses of international call service. All you need is a mobile handset supporting data connectivity, or a PC with headphone and mic facility, and of course a high-speed internet connection.

On the web, you will many find service providers, offering their free call service to you. Whether you are trying to reach to your relatives, or want to make a business call, this free call service will prove itself beneficial, saving a lot of your phone call expenses. The user does not require any registration to the service provider's website, or any software or hardware downloading. Just open the official website of the service provider you have selected from your current web browser, and place the call.

Free calls to Indonesia through iEvaPhone

How to Make Free Calls to Indonesia?

The total procedure to make free calls to Indonesia does not involve any complications. You need a web browser, high-speed internet connection, a headphone with mic.

In order to place the call, go to the official website of the service provider, follow the phone widget, select the country code of Indonesia and the area code where your parents or relatives are from, and dial the concerned phone number. Within a few moments, your call will be connected.

Limitations on Free Calls Service

As you see the procedure to make free calls is very simple and easy. Even a kid can place a call. But this service is not unlimited. No matter which service provider you choose, there will be certain limitations of using this free call service. The service providers draw the line of limitations, only to prevent the abusive usage of the free call service, and to avoid the network congestion. Using this free call service, you can place four calls/day. If your calls exceed this border, you do nothing but wait for another 24 hours to use the facility again. There is also a limitation of time for each call you make. Once the time limit expires, your call will automatically be disconnected. But the duration of this time limit varies to the areas you want to dial.

iEvaphone is a free call service provider allowing you to make free calls to Indonesia. They don't need you to get registered on their site, or share your credit card details. Just go to their site and enjoy your free calls.

Indonesia country and area codes

Indonesia country code - (62)

Our website automatically inserts the country code when selecting the required country from the list.

Indonesia area codes:
Banda Aceh651Jambi741Pematangsiantar622
Bandar Lampung721Jayapura967Pontianak561