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Commonly known to be as the Tunisian Republic, the country of Tunisia is one of the smallest countries of Africa which is why it is evenly beautiful. Guarded by the mountains and the oceans, the population of the country is just expected to be around 11 Based on the Eastern ends of the Atlas Mountains, it is a pleasant sight to watch the epic beauty of the country wherever you are. The presence of the Sahara Desert at the eastern end is just a picturesque that you will enjoy in your lifetime. It is indeed one of the finest places to visit if you are willing to travel.

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Situated in the northern part of Africa, the country of Tunisia is the Northernmost Country of the continent and the Cape Angela is the northernmost point of the country itself. It is bordered by Algeria to the west and the southwest and Libya to the Southeast. However, this is not all and the epic presence of the Mediterranean Sea to the North and the East. Overall, the country of Tunisia is a beautiful place to be with the lands of the mountains as well as the nature and wildlife it presents out is indeed superb. Over the years, a lot of people do travel to Tunisia to experience the thrilling atmosphere as you would like!

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Tunisia country code - (216)

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