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Cheap calls to South Africa

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For those who are settled in Asia, US or any other continent may find the call rates to South Africa quite expensive. The mobile service providers generally have much higher call rates for making international calls when compared to their fairly lower call charges of local calls. Even the call packs for making international calls is too much to afford for. But there is a simple way through which you can make such calls at unexpectedly cheaper rates.

There are several websites that offer cheap calls service to South Africa and even other international calls. These websites allow you to make calls using their particular access number for which you are charged by your service providers, but this call charge being a lot cheaper than usual international call rates. One of the most popular sites was evaphone, but now he's not working, our website - iEvaPhone, offers not just cheap calls to South Africa, but completely free calls to all countries of the world. So let’s find out the procedure to make cheap calls to South Africa.

Cheap calls to South Africa on iEvaPhone

How to make cheap calls to South Africa?

  1. Learn dialing code of country in South Africa or any other country you want to make call to.
  2. You will be then asked to enter the country code for South Africa followed by the landline or mobile number you want to call to.
  3. Dial the access number on our phone.
  4. After entering the above details your call will be connected. And now enjoy talking to your friends and relatives without worrying about the call charges.

So how is this method cheaper than usual calls?

When you make calls using your service providers as you normally do then your service provider charges you according to the normal high call rates for international calls. But with this service you are charged by your service provider only for the call you make to the access number you get from these websites. Afterwards when your call is connected to your dialled number in South Africa thereafter there is no call charge for it.

And at the top of all this there is absolutely no registrations, PIN to remember, account to manage or passwords to take care of. Just dial the access number you get from the website, follow the instruction and enjoy cheap calls to South Africa.