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Cheap calls to South Africa mobile

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When your friends or relatives are settled in some cross-border countries or different continents then the sole means of communication becomes internet and web chatting. The mobile service providers charge a fortune for international calls and so this option becomes unfeasible for a significant number of people. Even if you use a special international call pack it is also not so affordable and has a validity attached to it as well. So what is a way out for making cheap calls to South Africa mobile of your relatives and friends without getting your wallets empty?

Cheap calls to South Africa mobile on iEvaPhone

And the answer for this can be found on the internet as well but don't worry as we are not asking you to use social networking sites for chatting or Skype for calls. There are several websites on the internet that offer to make international calls including calls to South Africa at a very cheap rate as compared to what our regular mobile service providers charge for. And though there is a sea full of such service providers on internet but among the best of all is Ievaphone that features everything you need for a cheap call. With a quick search on internet for making cheap international calls can give you a list of even more such websites. But by now you will be thinking as to why these calls are so cheap and there must be some sort of catch for all this. So to know about this read below.

On iEvaphone you may make free calls to South Africa mobile, please read FAQ and "how to use" and using the phone on main page you may make free call.

What is the catch behind the cheap rates for international calls to South Africa?

When we normally make international calls using our mobile service providers then we are charged on the basis of normal call rates which are extremely expensive for international calls. But when we use these websites to make calls then our service providers only charge us for our call to the access number that we receive on these websites. And via this access number are call to any mobile phone on South Africa is connected for which there is absolutely no cost. So basically only one call to the access number is charged while the actual call to the mobile number in South Africa is not charged which makes these calls extremely cheap, as cheap as 7p/min for any mobile number.

And you need to create any account or worry about registering for anything, all you do is visit these websites take the access number and make your calls. So no hassle to remember passwords, manage account, reveal account details or anything so.

Its procedure in brief:

So don't hold back your urge to talk to your friends living in South Africa and just get started.