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Distance never set loved ones apart, no matter what the circumstances are, people always find way to reach to their loved ones no matter where they live or what is the distance between the boundaries. There was a time when people used to wait for weeks to get reply from their kith and kin but today, the technology has changed everything. Now, there is no more waiting session and you can hear the voice of your loved once the time you want. Though, calling across the border is a bit expensive when compared to inland calling services but, internet has solved this problem also. You got it right; we are talking about the calling facility which internet offers you without charging you anything extra. All you need is a mobile handset which supports data connectivity or a pc with a mic facility. So stop wasting your hard earned money on the call that you made across the border and start enjoying free call to Nepal by following few simple steps.

Free call to Nepal through iEvaPhone

Way to Free Call Service

There are numbers of way through which you can make free call to Nepal and make full use of the technology that humankind is blessed with. The most popular way of making free call to Nepal is by installing a good application among huge numbers of similar applications which is supported by your mobile handset or pc. Among all the application and other similar services iEvaphone has brought cool offers that will surprise you for sure. You are guessing it right iEvaphone is enabling you to make free calls across the globe even in Nepal with the help of internet and without charging you anything extra! So why to spend unnecessarily on mobile bills if you are having option to do free calling? You must be wondering that it will be very cumbersome process to activate it and use it but to bring reality into picture there is no technical steps involved which will make you furious. You even don’t need to install other add-ins or plug-ins in your mobile set or PC, all you need is a microphone facility available in the system along with a flash player. You have the liberty to choose any flash player you want; even the pre-installed adobe flash player will also work. Hence with iEvaphone you enjoy absolute liberty of choosing which place to call, what system to use, which software or plug-in will be supporting the system, in short you are the master.

Steps to be Followed

There must be some doubts in your mind regarding the duration of call or the way your internet service provider will charge you or the data consumption. There is no unlimited call service to international numbers, you are free to make 2 calls a day and currently we are working to make it 4 calls a day. Hence from your pc or mobile handset you can make 2 free calls to Nepal to any mobile or landline number and the normal data charges will be applicable. Now, lets us clear the process of making free call to Nepal. In just four simple steps you can use the free service of iEvaphone and they are:

In the four simple steps you can not only save your money but also utilize the internet in the most constructive way.

Nepal country and area codes

Nepal country code - (977)

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Nepal area codes:
Bhim Datta99Ghorahi82Madhyapur Thimi1