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Georgia is a country with a wonderful picturesque and an epic beauty of the landscape. Situated in the South Caucasus, the country of Georgia is very mountainous and it is practically divided into two halves which make the country to be astonishingly beautiful. Located just at the crossroads of the Western Asia, the country of Georgia is epic in its beauty and is certainly one of the finest places on the earth to be. However over the years many people have been visiting the country of Georgia in terms of work as well as tourism.

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The country of Georgia is located at the Eurasian border and is exactly located to the east of the Black Sea. To the north of Georgia, it is surrounded by Russia followed by Turkey and Armenia in the south. Apart from this, it is also guarded by Azerbaijan in the southeast which makes the country to be extraordinarily beautiful. Though the country is not too big, the presence of the mountains will make it worth to visit. The capital of the country is the largest city Tbilisi where most of the industrial growth is present. Well, if you are planning to be in Georgia, you must be here for the landscapes present.

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Georgia country and area codes

Georgia country code - (995)

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Georgia area codes:

Dedoplis Tskaro356Marneuli357Tsalenjikha416