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Free calls to Macedonia

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Many companies offer trial calls keeping in mind the end goal to attract more customers for their services. There are many specialist co-ops that are everyday concocting new plans and offers which allow clients to make free international calls. One such company that is putting forth trail calls to their customers is iEvaphone which offers free calls to Macedonia.

Free calls to Macedonia through iEvaPhone

iEvaphone Company Profile

iEvaphone is a specialist organization that offers free calls to Macedonia. This is an ideal tool for clients since they can make utilization of the remarkable features and advantages to communicate with their friends and family. Endeavors can also take advantage of this facility to finalize important business negotiations and conferences. The best part for customers who need to test this administration is that iEvaphone offers $1 credit into the client's account. In addition to this, customers can also make utilization of the SIP based services to make international calls.

The Services Offered by iEvaphone

iEvaphone offers an extensive variety of features and services to their customers. The main target of this free VOIP calls administration is to satisfy the necessities and prerequisites of their customers and offer them great quality services. A portion of the services offered by them are as follows:

iEvaphone Mobile: This administration is one of the best tools that customers can avail. They can make utilization of the free calls to Macedonia, send messages and save up to 95% on international phone bills.

iEvaphone PC Phone: Customers by making utilization of this application if they don't possess an iEvaphone versatile. This is an ideal opportunity for clients since it can be easily downloaded on their PC's or laptops.

iEvaphone Callback: In addition to making free international calls on a trial basis, iEvaphone also offers callback facilities to their clients. The main advantage of utilizing this feature is that customers can save up to 65% on international calls regardless of where they live from.


iEvaphone is genuinely an ideal application to make international calls at affordable rates. Taking advantage of the trial offer to make free international calls, clients can communicate with their companions and relatives for longer duration. The voice clarity and performance of this administration is also great.

Macedonia country and area codes

Macedonia country code - (389)

Our website automatically inserts the country code when selecting the required country from the list.

Macedonia area codes:

How to Make free Calls to Macedonia

International calls come with a tagline that says they are a luxury item. Serving as a necessary evil, many people only come face to face with its cost when they need it. Nevertheless, to help in these situations, there are many VoIP based services that can be accessed to make free calls to Macedonia easily. Among them, a mass number of people prefer iEvaphone. iEvaphone is popular among the people due to simplicity and assurance of quality offered while making free calls to Macedonia.

It gives the people the hope and possibility to make calls to anywhere in the world to stay connected with families and friends easily. Anybody can easily make free calls to Macedonia from site just by visiting and typing in the number on the dial pad present on the site. Unlike many other popular VoIP based service providers, we do not ask any sort of registration or monthly fee to use the service.

The calls are accessible whenever you want to and the need is there to use it to talk whether it is a personal or business purpose. Save the cost of international calls, by utilizing the services of iEvaphone committed to give the people the best service and call quality whenever they want.

Macedonia country code

Macedonia country code - (249)

Our website automatically inserts the country code when selecting the required country from the list.