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So many Internet users remember Evaphone, a well-known VOIP service that made it possible to make phone calls from computers to mobile and landline phones anywhere around the world using only a web browser.


Evaphone is not working any longer, having let down its users. The reason is unknown. People just cannot get access to it and worry because they have lost not only the possibility to phone for free or at a rather symbolic price to any destination in the world, but their money as well which was on their accounts.

So, Evaphone is not working, but we assure you that the opportunity to make calls for free is not lost? Now a new web site is at your disposal. It is, a free, modest and reliable service.

We are not Evaphone and have no dealings with them, nor do we associate with them in any other way. Still, there is one thing that is common of us both ? like Evaphone we provide Voice over IP service.

In what way is IP-telephony different from landline or cell phones? In what way is it better? In the first place it is its cost. It should be said that IP-communication is the most budget variant of the mentioned above, and from the site you can even phone for free!

IEvaphone service is very easy to use. Just come to our site, enter the desired number and the connection will be established. There is even no need to register or to sign an agreement. Though there are restrictions as to the duration of calls, you will be pleased to find our service more attractive as we offer up to four calls a day and no persuasive advertising.

You can call anyplace, irrespective of the territorial location ? to any country, city, town or any other settlement. Therefore, choose a country and then enter a phone number.

To make calls there is no need to install additional software. All the user needs is a high speed Internet connection, headphones or speakers, a microphone, any web browser and Adobe Flash Player (9.0 or higher) installed on his or her device which can be of any type ? a smartphone, a tablet, a computer.