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The southern half of North America, bordered by the United States to the north, Mexico is the excuse for many for their next vacation. The country is known for its diverse landscape of mountains, deserts and jungles covering about two million square kilometers, making it the sixth largest country in America. People come from all parts of the world to Mexico in order to get an experience that is full of magic, color and warmth.

While travelling to another country, the major trouble encountered by the people is in staying connected on the go. In the minds of people, the common question that is there about the best way for making a call when travelling outside of the home country. For several, the international calling is the best means to stay connected with their people. It is the bane of the modern day traveler with the phone bills potentially running into astronomical figures. Every person who uses the international calls for calling from one country to another knows the high charges incurred due to the calls.

Free calls to Mexico through iEvaPhone

Every so often, an angry traveler is seen creating a fuss over the internet regarding their 300 page phone bill. Almost in every online forum, you can see their disregard about the charges of international calling. There is not enough outrage and frustration among the people (consumers) to push the mobile carriers to cut their prices. Cellular plans at one’s home country offer unlimited calling and text messages, but with international call rates one can’t think of free calls to Mexico or any other country. Many people also will to switch the mobile companies in order to cut costs in their phone bills.

When the consideration of making a phone call to a person that lives in a country that is about a half the globe away comes in mind, the first thought comes about the phone bill. There are many means that can be used for the purpose of cutting the costs, like choosing the services of iEvaphone. iEvaphone opens up the internet for communications, giving the person access to perform voice communication whenever they want at any place around the world.

The unlimited 24/7 internet service is what most people use often nowadays, which is the backbone of the services offered by iEvaphone. There is a relatively small amount that is to be paid in the form of internet services used by you on a daily basis. It is the way out from the experience that might make you tear your hair out from the head.

Get greater efficiency with the services, offering you free, reliable and unobtrusive voice calling. The technology translates your voices into a digital code that is transmitted through the internet to the recipient of the call. The person can save a lot of money through the services as they only need internet access for make free calls to Mexico whenever they want to.

The savings made is nearly half of the cost that is to be paid for a single international call. For the business, it is a great deal as it allows them to manage and conduct their operations from any part of the world. They can make conference calls with ease to the people and organize voice meetings to discuss important matters.

Call any place, irrespective of the location and geographical area, just enter the site and use the services with ease. Just a mic or headset is needed as an add-on in order to make the calls and talk to people efficiently. With iEvaphone you can get reliable, free and quality calling services across the globe. To avoid the congestion of network and abuse, the services only allow 4 calls in a day.

Basically, the restriction is posed by the country to which the call is being made. After the exhaustion of the time limit, you have to wait for 24 hours in order to use the free call service again. No need to register or signup in order to avail the service of making free calls to Mexico. One has to just go to iEvaphone website, choose the country from the list and enter the number.

To initiate the call, press the call button. Before being connected the person will be presented by a short promotional video that will be finished in just a couple of seconds, after this you will be connected automatically to the dialed number.

Avoid the payment of voice calls on each minute basis and communicate at much faster speed on your phone or on laptop with ease. Explore the benefits of the services by choosing iEvaphone and overcome the cost by using the features of the service to your advantage. Use the service in order to connect with your loved ones in an instance.

Mexico country and area codes

Mexico country code - 52

Our website automatically inserts the country code when selecting the required country from the list.

Mexico area codes:

Aguascalientes449Guanajuato473Rosarito Beach661
Cabo San Lucas624Irapuato462Saltillo844
Campeche981Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo755San Luis Potosi444
Cancun998Ixtapaluca55San Nicolas de los Garza81
Chihuahua614La Paz612Tapachula962
Cihuatlan315Los Mochis668Tepic311
Ciudad Jimenez629Manzanillo314Tijuana664
Ciudad Juarez656Matamoros868Tlalnepantla de Baz55
Ciudad Lopez Mateos55Mazatlan669Tlaquepaque33
Ciudad Obregon644Mexicali686Tlaxcala246
Ciudad Victoria834Mexico City55Toluca722
Cordoba271Morelia443Tuxtla Gutierrez961
Cuautitlan Izcalli55Naucalpan55Uruapan452
Culiacan667Nuevo Laredo867Veracruz229
Ensenada646Playa del Carmen984Zacatecas492
General Escobedo81Puebla222Zamora351
Gomez Palacio871Puerto Vallarta322Zapopan33