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Are making international calls to Nigeria becoming a costly affair for you, but you can’t avoid calling there? Making international calls to Nigeria from a faraway country can have several purposes such as, if someone from your family is living there, your dear friend is living there or you have a client over here. But, you used to think a lot before making calls there. The reason behind this anxiety is the cost you have to bear after making that call. But, now the time is to leave these worries and making free international calls to Nigeria.

Free international calls to Nigeria through iEvaPhone

Yes, you can make free international calls to Nigeria by using an innovative technology called VoIP. VoIP (voice over internet protocol) is an advanced technology available today makes your international calling a free affair. This technology can be availed through the internet. How? Today, you can find many VoIP based websites on the internet that are offering free international calls. With the correct use of this technology you too can get rid of expensive phone bills and can make free international calls.

Using this technology is very simple. Your computer system and the internet connection are two common resources to use VoIP technology. You simply need to find a good VoIP based website, then has to follow its instructions like choosing country code of Nigeria or the country you want to call in and have to dial the person’s number same as you do with your normal phone. After a wait of a few seconds that website will connect you to that person and you can talk to him/her without worrying about the call cost.

VoIP technology work through your internet connection as it functions through the bandwidth of your internet connection. Its functioning is somewhat same as our normal phone lines, but this technology is replacing the work of normal phone lines. Its cost effectiveness and easy use are making it popular among all. Today, anybody without much experience can make free international calls to Nigeria and many other countries with the use of VoIP technology.

One more benefit of making calls this way is, you and your recipient don’t need to share the same resource. In simple, if you are using a computer system or any device with the internet connection to make any international calls, then your recipient with a simple mobile or landline phone without internet connection an receive the call. You can call them without even realizing them your method of calling. If these calls are cheap, it doesn’t mean these calls are not effective. Yes, calling through this method and your regular phone has no difference. The only difference exists is the cost.