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Are you settled in Singapore and family living in the India? If yes, then you well understand that how inevitable it is to stay connected to them, but do you think the cost of staying connected to them is that easy to bear? Well, it is not only in Singapore and India as making international calls from one country to another is always expensive. Really? The answer is No.

Free call to India from Singapore through iEvaPhone

No doubt making international calls from one country to another is costly, but only until you don't know the correct method of cutting this cost. Is it possible? Of course it is. How? Let's us discuss. It is very rare that one is not using the internet in his/her daily life, but if you are using then make sure you are making correct use of it. Yes, the internet is not only for video calling or chatting, it has another use as well viz. it allows you to make free call to India from Singapore and many other countries.

How is it conceivable? With the expansion of the internet, several technologies take place. VoIP technology is one of them that allow making free international and national calls. This technology is a new mirror of advancement of this recent time. This technology can be used with the internet connection and can permit you to make calls wherever you want but without putting much burden on your pocket.

What allows VoIP technology to permit free calls? VoIP technology is an alternative of traditional phone lines. Before, traditional phone lines were the only source of transforming the human voice to make communication over phone possible that was costly enough, especially when one wants to make a call from one country to another. But now the VoIP (voice over internet protocol) technology has replaced its working and provides a cost-effective method of making calls.

How one can make use of VoIP technology using the internet? VoIP technology can be used via some websites. Several websites on the internet are available that support VoIP technology and are specially meant to offer free calls. One can easily find one and can make free call to India from Singapore without concerning about the cost.

If you think there is a difference between calling through the internet and traditional phone, then leave this myth. In fact, making calls through the internet is more effective than calling through a traditional phone. This way you can extend your conversation period with your dear ones.