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Algeria is a country with beautiful landscape and the epic history. Yes, the natural beauty of the country Algeria has everything to look out for. From the divine Mediterranean Sea in the north, the Mountains in the south and the desserts in the east, you will love to be here at the country of Algeris. Situated in the Northern part of Africa, it is by far the 10th largest country of the world and indeed has a very dense population. The country, the land of Algeria has everything to picturesque and a lot of people visit the country to travel.

Free calls to Algeria mobile through iEvaPhone

Guarded by the countries of Morocco, Libya, Mali and Niger, it is indeed a beautiful landscape to visit the Algeria. Over the years of the African Country it has a dark history for the rule of French People inside their territory. However, much after its independence in the year of 1962, the citizens of the country have developed with Arabic and French languages.

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