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How to call Brazil for free

Do you have contacts in Brazil? Then surely you need feel of a telephonic conversation with them. Though, it is not that easy and affordable through the regular landline or mobile phones if you are living in an engrossed country. However, if you are concerned about the call cost of Brazil from your nation then be informed that you can cut the cost by making free calls to Brazil using your internet connection and PC framework.

How to call Brazil for free through iEvaPhone

You are surely curious to know that how to call Brazil for free? You can make free calls to Brazil or any other country using the VoIP based website that can be easily accessed through the internet. What is VoIP? VoIP (voice over internet protocol) is a cutting-edge technology that is widely being used by a number of websites today. This technology makes it possible for the websites to offer free web calls and people to make free international and national calls.

How this technology works? This technology works same as our telephone lines do. When VoIP technology receives the voice, it converts the voice into some small voice packets and parcel to the recipient. When these voice parcels reached to their destination, the VoIP technology converts them back into the human voice and makes the conversation possible.

You can easily use this technology with any device such as a PC framework, android mobile or laptop with the internet connection. You have to follow the same procedure of making a call through the web, no matter what type of device you are using with the internet connection. The procedure of making a call through the web is, you have to find a good VoIP based website on the internet. There are many VoIP based websites available on the internet and you can pick a good one. Now you have to choose Brazil from the countries listed there on the website. After selecting the country and country code, now you have to type the digits of the number same as you type on your mobile. After typing the number, click on the green dial button and you will get connected to that person after a wait of a few seconds.

Though this unique method of making calls through the web, you can make unlimited calls for free in any country of the globe and can talk to your dear one for a long time.