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Things have evolved over the past couple of years, especially in the field of technology. Modern changes are making it rather easy to lead a healthy and happy life, lowering manual labor to a great extent. Moreover, the same technology is working hard just to help you save a lot of money. If you have fewer amounts in hand and still planning to make an international call, why don’t you try for the free calling app? This is the best way to address your phone calls without worrying about your budget. You just need a host device and a strong internet connection for this service.

Why choose this app:

Now, this seems to be a pretty simple and straight forward question for you to consider. What are the reasons to choose such free international calling app when you have so many other options of video calling and messaging to work with? Well, messaging takes a lot of time and in some video calls, the audio is not as clear as a phone call. If you have less money in hand and still want to give a call, free calling app can help you big time. Even if you don’t have a smartphone to make video calls, you can use the PC or your laptop for this service.

Other features to check in:

You have the liberty to actually talk with anyone you like with the help of this free international calling app now. You have even the opportunity to make four calls daily and don’t have to restrict it to any particular country. Now you can bridge distant between you and your partner easily. Just with the help of a web browser, making calls have turned out to be that easy. There is no need for extra plug-ins or no credit cards, at the same time. You don’t have to bother go for trials, too.

Other advantages to note down:

If you think that the above-mentioned options are the only one for you to consider then you might be a bit wrong. There are some other points to consider while going to take help of this free international calling app. Other than no trials and no use of credit cards, there is no sluggish design associated with this app. Moreover, you don’t have to bother about marketing hype as there isn’t any. It is really very easy to make call using this application and it works just like any other normal call.

Do not register too:

For other software or application use, you might have to register your name and go through a series of steps and procedures before finally using the app. This is not the case in this regard. You don’t have to register and make straight away calls by just clicking on the IEvaphone URL. If you ever think that calling takes money, then think twice. Even without any network provider to offer you with money saving plans, you can still make international calls as easily as possible.