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Free call to Philippines from PC

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How many of the people heard about free international calls? Obviously, many people know about the chance of making free calls from anywhere in the world to any other country. Mostly some of our family members or friends will be staying abroad or overseas. In order to contact them people use contact cards. Ever made an assessment on how much money is spent on making calls to them?

Free call to Philippines from PC through iEvaPhone

But, now be aware of the web page based quick call direct service known as iEvaphone. It can be used to make free call to Philippines from PC, which can be used to make call worldwide from anywhere with no charges.

How to make free call to Philippines from PC?

Like other websites or apps, here the user doesn’t need to get registered. As there is nothing like any registration, here the user would not be providing any of his private info or personal data.

When the services offered are free, do the user needs to provide his bank card or credit card details? No. We do not ask the users for any bank or credit card details as there will be no money transfer.

The app is easy to use. It can be used on any computer or PC which supports the Adobe Flash Player. All that is needed is a microphone and flash player installed on PC or computer.

Unlike other call service apps, here it will not ask the user to install any add-ins or plug-ins. No need to install any stand-alone applications or other soft wares to use it in order to make free calls. Usually the number of calls allowed to make per a day are two. But the latest version provides a chance to make four calls per a day. Even though it is a free call making service, people will not be provided unlimited call duration. The call duration is absolutely limited. But it depends on the place or country from which the call is made.

It is allowed to make calls to a landline or a mobile (read - unlimited free calls from PC to mobile) or a PC. But all one need is a PC to make a call. This app allows free call to Philippines from PC through internet on the callers side.

Does the other person need to have PC or internet connection?

No. Only the person who makes a call needs to have an internet connection in order to make a call. The other person who is on call receiving side does not need to have an internet connection or PC. This app is purely online free call service. No need to install any soft wares on PC. Note that the user would not be able to connect to any emergency contact numbers using it.