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Free call to Sri Lanka PC to phone

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On the southernmost end of the Indian border, Sri Lanka sits there peacefully renowned as an attractive tourist destination. A lot of people visit this country because of its scenic beauty. The food is different from a lot of cuisines and the local dishes are amazing. The place is a small island and a lot of people from India and other countries visit Sri Lanka to relax and unwind. There are numerous islands on this country and every island has got tons of stories.

Free call to Sri Lanka PC to phone through iEvaPhone

With a lot of people moving there for travelling and some for living, it can get a little difficult to connect with phones because international calling cards are expensive. They can disturb the budget and increase your phone bills. Well, when you can make free call to Sri Lanka pc to phone, why bother calling through your mobile operator. is a web based service and a smartphone app which lets you make free calls to different destinations. There are no hidden charges and everything is clear. The app never asks for your bank details. There is no secret permission seeking within the functioning of the app. It just lets you make calls for free.

All you need to have is a smartphone, tablet or even PC will work just fine. A good internet connection is almost necessary. We recommend using 3G and 4G networks or a good Wi-Fi connection for the best calling experience. Just log onto the website from your PC or smartphone or download the app into your smartphone.

The website works well in every browser and is responsive. When you visit the webpage, you will see a virtual dialler. Input country’s name and its code along with the number you want to reach. The other person does not need to have the same app in the phone. You can simply use the service to call any mobile or landline phone. You can make free call to sri lanka pc to phone. This will help you save a lot on your phone bills. as of now, you have a maximum of 4 free international calls from PC to phone per day.