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Free calls to UK from PC

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Free calls to UK from PC through iEvaPhone

Internet is one of the most useful as well as amazing thing that we have today. No doubt there are innumerable advantages of internet, and one of them is that one could make free international calls to various countries at very small price and sometime even for free. Many people have been avoiding making international calls just because they create holes in their pocket. However, one could now easily save a lot of their money with the help of internet.

There are many applications available on the internet that could allow you to call you family as well as friends on the other end of the world at a very cheap rate and even for free. For example, if you have a relative residing in UK, you can make free calls to UK from PC, Smartphones, Tablets and Mac.

How to use iEvaphone to make free calls to UK from PC?

Among all free VoIP call making applications that are available on the internet, one of the best is iEvaphone. iEvaphone is the most simple as well as free application that will allow you to make free call to your business colleagues as well as friends without requiring any kind of your bank account or credit card details.

Using iEvaphone to make free calls to UK from PC is also very simple (about VOIP to make free international calls from PC). All you require is a Smart device, PC or a Mac that supports Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above. In addition to that it must also have a high speed internet connection so that there is no interruption while you make the voice call.

In case you have been trying to call phones from your Laptop or PC, you just need a microphone and log on to the website. There you are going to see the flash widget load. After that just select the country in which you wish to make the call and enter the number. It is just going to take few time before you are connected to the person you have called on the other side. It is obvious that the quality of the call totally depends upon the internet connection stability.

However, at present the number of calls that you can make from the application are limited to 4 calls a day. In addition to that the time of each and every call that you make is governed by the place where you have made the call. You will be disconnected automatically one your free time is over. So what are you waiting for? If you have anyone to call abroad, just pick up your device or PC and call them for free right now.