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Free Calls To Australia

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Making international calls used to be too expensive in the past but with internet connecting everyone from everywhere you can even make international calls for free. There are several services you can find on internet that offer free international call service to their registered user through their smartphone/iPhone or PC apps. So in case your relative or your friend is living in Australia and even if you are living in US or in some European country you can still make free calls to him using these services.

Free calls to Australia on iEvaPhone

Services like Services like iEvaPhone (make free call on main page), Libon, Rebtel, Voxox and many more offer making calls to any continent for free and there are even some that exclusively offer user to make free calls to Australia. One such service is the iEvaPhone that allow you to make calls to Australia for free but with a small limitation. But with a simple search on internet you can find your own local service provider to make free calls to Australia or you can even use the services mentioned above. All you need to do is to get their app on your smartphones or PCs, register on it, ask your friend in Australia to do the same and then through this app you can talk to each other for free. Calls using the same app on both sides are made free as these calls use your WiFi/3G connection rather your mobile balance and you can enjoy a long and casual talk with your friends and relatives living in Australia.

It should be noted that these services may offer only a limited time of free unlimited calls to make. So do your research first before making free international calls to Australia.