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Who does not love one`s family? Given a choice, everybody would want to stay close to their loved ones. But, at times due to better opportunities or other reasons, people are forced to move outside their city, or country, away from their loved ones. Even though they do not wish to, but for the sake of a better future they take a call and step out. However, distance should never bring about gap between people. Be it far or near, communication should stay strong between those who wish to be close to each other. With regular phone calls and the ability to see each other, one never feels the problem of distance.

Free calls to Australia from PC through iEvaPhone

But, making national and international calls means spending a lot on bills. Especially when you have a loved one staying in a foreign country, calling them regularly adds up to your expenses and the call rates are on a higher side. But, in today`s time, thanks to the advancement of technology making cheap calls to Australia and others countries abroad have become easier. If you have a loved one residing in Australia and till now you had been bearing the burden of long bills, then it is time to rejoice as with the availability of software and applications that offer free calls to Australia from PC, you no longer have to spend huge amounts on calling.

If you want to make free calls to Australia from PC, then look for such software and applications online, which can be downloaded in your system and used any time for making free calls. Simply create an account on these software and add the numbers or ID`s of those whom you wish to connect with and get started with the free calls. There is no limit on the number of people you can make calls to. You can simply create a list of names of those whom you speak to often and add them on these software. If you do not want to go through the whole procedure, then simply copy all the contacts from your phone into your system and get started with the free calling.

Not only you get the freedom to make free calls to Australia from PC, but, you can make calls at any time. These applications are not time bound, thereby allowing you to make calls as and when you wish. Initially you would have to understand each step with the help of instructions provided on their site. But, once you start making regular calls, then the process would be on your fingertips. As many people can be connected to each other through these free calling software. Some of these software charge a sign up amount, but, a lot of them also offer free services. Depending upon your personal needs and requirements, you can opt for that particular software that fits best as per your criteria.

Now you no longer have to feel the pain of being away from a loved one. As these revolutionary software with the help of their free calling services will bring that person right in front of you in your computer screen, just when you wish to see them. So go ahead and download a software to avail the advantage of as many free calls or use where you may make free calls to Australia from PC without registrations and software download.

Australia country code and area codes

Australia Country Code - 61

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Australia Area Codes:
Adelaide8Hervey Bay7Rockhampton7
Brisbane7Maitland2Sunshine Coast7
Cairns7Melton3Tweed Heads7
Geelong3Orange2Wagga Wagga2
Gold Coast7Perth8Warrnambool3
Gosford2Port Macquarie2Wollongong2