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Long ago, it was very difficult to make calls. People used to walk to the particular shops like PCO and used to make the calls. Now making calls has been made easy for all. Isn`t it nice to hear the word “free calls online to mobile”? So are you thinking it is not true? Then you are wrong since free calls are very much possible. There are many applications these days in order to make free calls online to mobile. Some may require the user to maintain an account, or credit or debit details. Now at any crook and corner the user may be, he or she can make a call without any hassle if he has a pc or a Smartphone with internet connection. One such application which allows the user to make free calls online to mobile is Ievaphone. Can you imagine now how comfortable our life has been made easy? Our horizon is expanded and we are invited into each other`s lives by making free calls. The best part it is free. There is no worry of huge tension or overload of the costs of the international calls. Thus the affordability of making free calls online to mobile had wide convergence and reach to all.

Free calls online to mobile on iEvaPhone

Firstly let us get to the basics of making free calls online to mobile. Here they go!

  1. You must have a computer or Smartphone with internet connection and a browser that supports Adobe Flash Player 9.0 or higher.
  2. Go to the Ievaphone website
  3. Allow the flash widget to load
  4. To make a free call through Ievaphone, choose the country from list and enter the number
  5. To initiate the call press the call button
  6. Now you will be presented by a short promotional video wait for few second to let it finish
  7. You will be automatically connected to the number you have dialed.

Ievaphone is one such free online application which enables making free calls online to mobile without any hassles through their site, for example you may make free calls to India from USA or free calls to USA from India. One advantage of this application is it does not require the user to sing up or maintain an account for the purpose of making calls. Also it does not require credit and debit details. Moreover it is reliable, safe and secure. The only thing the user has to be aware before using this application is that of that of the limited calls. The calls are kind of limited and it is 4 calls. But not to get disappointed as the positive aspect of it is that still 4 calls can be made and be happy talking to friends and relatives. The thought of being connected with the loved ones is a special feeling and this is possible through free calls online to mobile.

Definitely this is worth trying and giving it a try. It is a unique concept of making free calls online to mobile.