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Anything free in this world sounds like a scam now-a-days as people don`t trust on free schemes as much now. Many telecommunication companies use to send various offers of free local or international calls, monthly recharge and so on but, still these offers cost you especially if you want to make international calls. Might you don’t care much while making any local or national call but it is a big concern for many to make international calls because of their cost which stops them to call their relatives, friends or loved one in another country.

Free call to Dubai through iEvaPhone

But, now making international calls is possible through internet websites then spending much over roaming charges, contact cards or connection charges etc. to call direct via your cell phone. VOIP technology by associating with internet websites for free international calls make it possible for you to make free international calls without spending much.

It is a myth if you think you need to download bulky software or install something on your computer or has to fill your personal details like some other websites because these websites work directly over your browser without installing or downloading anything but make your sure computer have adobe flash player as these websites run through adobe flash player. A good internet connection with sufficient bandwidth and high speed is needed for making international calls through internet. You need to connect your device, cell phone or microphone with computer after visiting that website and then enter that person’s contact number after selecting the country in which you are going to make call and here you connected to the person. Broadband phones make it possible for you to make call from anywhere to everywhere like you can make free call to Dubai, India, Pakistan, Singapore, Bangladesh and wherever you want.

Duration of international calls visa broadband phones can be various or depend upon the country in which you want to make call also the number of time you can make international call can be various but, the average number of calling is four. One can make international calls through these websites four times in a day. Likewise telecommunication companies’ internet websites also proposed many packages offers for free international calls to make your call more effective.

Broadband phones are becoming more popular for free international calls as people prefer these broadband phones for making international calls which is a saving as itself because, it saves your money for long distance calls but, work like a regular phone call effectively. Many websites like Ievaphone or some more are offering free international calls, the similarity among these websites is they utilize VOIP technology to make international calls free but, if someone is using PSTN then it will not serve you free international call but still it will be a far cheaper call then a direct call from your mobile phone. Broadband phones are like a new era of making international calls with which you don’t need to think before making any international call.