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Free call to India from UAE

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Work forces a lot of us to leave our homelands and shift to foreign lands. Off lately, a lot of people have shifted from India to UAE in search of jobs and work. People from both the countries have been travelling due to various reasons. Now we all know that whilst you're travelling or if you're settled in a foreign country, contacting your family or loved ones is a costly affair. It is because the ISD call rates are extremely pricey.

Free call to India from UAE through iEvaPhone

But what if an Indian living in UAE has the option to place free call to India from UAE? What if we inform that there's a service that you can avail and make free calls. Well this is true, there is actually a website that lets you call your loved ones living in other countries for free. Even people who have business or work in other countries can use the service for saving on their phone bills.

What is it and how does it work?

The name of this Internet based service is It is basically a website which lets you place calls for free. If your loved ones are living in UAE whilst you're back in India, now you don't have to worry about the long distance calls as your relative or your friend can make free call to India from UAE with the help of


So you just have to open this website with the help of your device. And your device's browser should be compatible with Adobe Flash player. Additionally, you'll end up using the device's microphone for calling. Also, we suggest you to use earpieces for a better call quality. You'll need a working Internet connection on your device as well.


The process is quite simple. Open the website and you'll be greeted with a virtual dialer. Choose the country you want to call to. Dial in the number you want to reach and that's it. Your call will start connecting and in a very short period of time, you'll be placing an international call for free.

As of now, you can place a particular number of calls and the number depends on the country you're calling from. However, a paid version will be available soon and then you can make unlimited number of free calls. So, what are you waiting for? Start using this amazing service and cut down your phone bills.

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