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Making international calls is just not about to connect to your relatives, friends or dear one as international calls can be made for business purposes also. Now -a -days people use to deal with international clients or customers for what sometimes they need to make international calls to their clients but, because it is still costly if you have purchased card and have limited duration of call etc. can spoil your conversation and can stop you to talk exactly.

Free call to Dubai mobile through iEvaPhone

Then by the increased usage of internet and mobile applications like skype, GTalk etc. people started communicating through PC to PC by accessing all this but, applications utilize VoIP technology brings more advanced way of communicating with people living in another country which is same as your cell phone. One can easily make international or national call via pc to mobile or mobile to pc by using VoIP technology based websites with your internet.

Suppose you want to make call in Dubai from India through broadband phones then it is not necessary that another person also should have computer or broadband connection to make communication possible. You can use computer in India and can make free call to Dubai mobile as VoIP (Voice-Over- Internet Protocols) technology makes it possible for one to call through pc to mobile and mobile to pc.

There are many sites over internet that offers free international calls and you can choose any one of them. Sites like Ievaphone offers many lucrative offers or packages for free international calls time to time to their users. Duration of an international call is limited whether you make a call direct through mobile with special roaming charges and pre-paid card or broadband phones but cost of an international call have a vast difference with both ways.

VoIP technology needs computer having microphones and adobe flash player as well as a high speed internet connection to run over internet for making free international calls. Now-a-days many organizations preferring broadband phones for making free international calls for their business on the lieu of mobile phones. Unlike local calls where one use to call anytime it is obvious that one will not use to make international calls many times in a day still, broadband phone services offer you to make international call four time approx. in a day and time limit of one call can be vary country to country.