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Free phone calls to Pakistan

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Making Free Phone Calls To Pakistan on Ievaphone!
It doesn`t matter if you are a student living abroad, a businessman on foreign trip or just a traveller. Once you are out of Pakistan, you will always feel an urge to connect to your friends and family. Making international calls to Pakistan may not be cheap. International calls come with huge tariff charge and frequent calls mean huge pressure on your wallet. But you need to get in touch with your friends and family there is no escape from it. So, what you can do to save some bucks on your calls?

There are many ways by which you can save lot on international calls. There are many plans from telecom service provider that allows you to make cheaper calls to certain countries but these plans don`t come cheap. Further these may also incur hidden charges that may hit hard on your finances. The more favourable and cheapest option is to use a VoIP service. These services allow you to make online calls for free. You can make calls from one computer to another across the globe for free. But if you want to make calls to any mobile or landline then you will have to pay certain amount to the provider. But still this is the way to make cheap calls to Pakistan.

Make free phone calls to Pakistan on Ievaphone

But if you want to make free phone calls to Pakistan then you need to have a look at this amazing service called iEvaphone. iEvaphone is a reliable and incredible service that allows you to make free calls anywhere across the globe without paying a single penny.

It doesn`t require any registration or third party application download. It doesn`t ask you to enter you bank details or credit card information to use their service. The service is absolutely free and reliable. The service being a VoIP, requires a working 3G or broadband connection to work. A fast internet connection is required but not mandatory to make quality calls across the globe.

All you need to make a free call by using iEvaphone is a mic, a browser that supports Adobe flash player and a working internet connection. To make a call visit their site. Enter the country code for Pakistan if you want to make a free phone calls to Pakistan. Once you have provided the ISD code for Pakistan dial the number you want to call. To initiate call use the call button in the flash widget. Before the call start you will be connected to a promotional video of few seconds. Watch the video, once the video gets over you call will be connected to the desired person.

However, there are few things you need to know. The number of calls that can be made using iEvaphone is limited to 4 per day. The call duration is also regulated by the country you are calling. iEvaphone cannot be used for making emergency calls. In all iEvaphone is an interesting service and can be really useful if want to have a little chit chat with your friends or family.