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How to make free calls to Pakistan

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Making calls to Pakistan from international location is not quite cheap. If you are living abroad and your family lives in Pakistan then there is no way to evade these huge bills by avoiding calls to your country. If you are travelling abroad then also you require keeping in touch with your loved ones in your country. But international calling can be pretty expensive. Buying a calling card or prepaid phone can help you to some extent but they are still costly. If you want to make cheap calls to your country then the most favourable option is to use a VoIP service. VoIP service allows you to call any number using your computer. These services are quite cheap and allow you to make free calls to any number across the globe. But in case you are thinking about how to make free calls to Pakistan? Then there is something just for you. The service is called iEvaphone and is one of the best calling services available on internet.

How to make free calls to Pakistan

iEvaphone allows you to make free calls to anyone across the globe. It doesn’t require you to register or make payment for using their service. iEvaphone is a reliable and robust service that allows you to make free calls to your loved ones in Pakistan. You don’t have to pay anything nor need you to change your existing service provider all you need to do is to have access to internet and a web browser that is compatible with Adobe flash player.

How to make free calls to Pakistan? Making free calls to Pakistan from internet is possible only through iEvaphone. There are many services that allow calling but they all charges some fees and are not absolutely free. iEvaphone is one such service that allows you to make free calls. It supports all platforms. You can use your computer or smartphone to make free calls. All you need to do is to ensure that your device contains a web browser that supports Adobe flash player. Most of the browser currently supports flash player.

To make free calls to Pakistan you need to go to their website. Let the flash widget to load. Once it is loaded you will need to select Pakistan from the list of the countries available in the list. Once you have selected the country you want to call, you will need to enter the number of the person you are going to call. After entering the number click on call button the call be will be initiated. You will be presented with a short promotional video and then your call will get connected to the person you want to call.

You can make free calls using iEvaphone but there is a catch with it. The number of calls you can make using iEvaphone has been restricted to 4 calls per day. The length of call depends upon the country to which you are calling. So, what are you waiting for just go to iEvaphone and enjoy your free calls.