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Free internet calls to USA

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Making an international call from a cell phone is the most expensive calling option and it is criticized all over the world for the call rates charged for a single phone call. In an international call, the service provider gives you a dedicated connection to the person called and the process of dedicating the particular calling circuit to you is expensive. Many business people who have to frequently travel from one place to another has to include the charges of international calls as a new cost.

Free internet calls to USA through iEvaPhone

The price rates of the calls made internationally is dependent on the fact that how the country is connected to the world. It also depends on the competitiveness of the telecommunications industry in that particular country. We all have heard the stories where people have sued telecom companies when they saw their bill carrying an enormous amount.

There are special travel packages available to ease the pain a bit, but it is like ice to the burnt area. Technically speaking, the process of making a call aboard is a lot complicated and more twisted than the one made when at home. Pricing charged for the international calls is not transparent as to make the customers to learn more about the prevailing prices in the visiting country.

For giving the people a breath of relaxation and calmness, there is iEvaphone. With iEvaphone, you can make free internet calls to USA without any trouble. Not many services have the characteristics allowing the users to do free internet calls to USA. Every time you call your family members living in the United States of America, the call is not charged at all and it is treated like a local call.

No need to sign up in order to use the service, you don’t have to share the bank details and credit card information to make the free calls to USA. All you need to do is go to the site and use it for dialing the number to talk to the person you want to. Currently, there is a limit on the number of free calls made in a day and an individual can only make 4 calls in a day.

Pour out your heart`s content on the phone while talking with the help of iEvaphone. Why are you waiting for calling, there is no sort of hidden charges asked and no problem will be experienced while using the service.