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Do you often make calls to United States from UK or vice versa? There are many people who have to make frequent calls from US to UK or from UK to US. Whether you are calling to your family living abroad or colleagues on business trip, international calls may hit hard on your wallet. There are numerous ways to avoid high call charges on international calls. Many people who have to make high volume of international call usually rely on specific plans from the telecom operator that lowers their international calling rates. But if you don’t make frequently calls on international numbers then opting for any of these plans will cost you more money than it will save. If you barely make international calls then taking a tariff plan may not be your piece of cake. There are few other option that can help you in making really cheap international calls or free calls to USA from UK or free calls to UK from USA like VoIP calls. VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol allows users to call any phone or computer via their desktop, laptop or smartphone. It allows making cheap or even free international calls.

Free calls to USA from UK or free calls to UK from USA on iEvaPhone

There are many VoIP service providers that offer cheap or even free calling service. iEvaphone is one such service that allows you to make free calls across international locations. If you want to make free calls to USA from UK from your PC or smartphone then iEvaphone is your best option. iEvaphone doesn’t requires any setup or installation all you need is just a web browser that supports flash and you can start making free calls using iEvaphone not only from UK to USA or vice versa, also you may read how to make free calls Free calls to India from USA or free calls to USA from India.

iEvaphone free and robust service that provide uninterrupted international calling service. It can allow you to freely call anyone in US from UK or vice versa. The most important part is, iEvaphone doesn’t requires you to download any plugin or software. It will also never ask you to register with their site in order to make free calls. The call is absolutely free as iEvaphone will never ask for your credit card or bank details nor does it fills your mailbox with tons of unwanted mails. Rather you can just log in to their site dial the desired number and enjoy your free call. You can call any USA or UK number without worrying about the price or call charge.

iEvaphone is available across all web browsers that supports Adobe flash player. You can also use your smartphone to make the free call and connect to your loved ones. To make a call you need to visit their website. In the webpage you will find the number pad, just enter the US or UK number you want to call with the ISD code and start free calls to USA from UK or free calls to UK from USA. You will be presented with a small advertisement and then the call will connect automatically. The call service from iEvaphone is free however it does come with time limit. The time limit depends upon the country from which you are call and country to which you are calling. In all iEvaphone is a great tool to keep in touch with your relatives and friends in UK and USA without paying huge phone bills.