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Ever wondered how to cut off the expenses of your phone calls and make free calls all over the world from your computer system, smartphones and other gadgets?

No worry now, free VoIP services offer you such a great possibility. You can absolutely make free phone calls all over the world and connect to your friends , family and associates with the help of your gadget connected to internet services. You don’t need to worry about the extra expenses when your gadget is already connected to the internet. The calling process through VoIP is so easy that even the kids can make calls through it. There are no formalities that need to be accomplished before using VoIP for making free phone calls. Even there is no need of registration.

Free VoIP service allows you to call not only on mobiles phones, PC’s etc but you can also make free calls to the people who use landline or are not connected to internet. These services allow you to make foreign calls for free.

Free VoIP service - iEvaPhone

How to use IEvaphone Free VoIP service?

It is quite easy to use this free service. You can simply follow the following steps to make a free phone call using VoIP.

How many free calls can be made using this service?

This free calling service is not available for unlimited time in order to minimize network congestion and abuse. Most of these services offer 4 or so calls in 24 hour duration i.e. minimum 4 calls a day. When you are done with you are limited number of calls, you will have to wait till next day starts.

The time limit of each call is also limited. The time limit shall be decided by the software used.

Is the service free for both the caller and the receiver?

Yes, the service is absolutely free for both the receiver and the caller involved in Voice Communication using VoIP.