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Unlimited calls to India from Canada

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If I told you that it was possible to make unlimited calls to India from Canada at a low price, you would not believe me, would you? However you best believe me. Many people are surprised at just how low the price of making calls to India from Canada actually is.

You are not going to be using standard telephone lines in order to make unlimited calls to India from Canada. That is simply far too expensive. This is why many companies do not get in touch with India that often despite it being a rather viable business opportunity. You are instead going to be using something known as Voice over IP, or VOIP for short.

Unlimited calls to India from Canada on iEvaPhone

VOIP connections rely on your internet connection. This means that you will be making phone calls through your computer or mobile device as opposed to picking up that telephone. If you have a decent connection, and almost every internet connection in Canada should be able support VOIP nowadays, then the phone call is going to be crystal clear. Most of the time the other person will not even know that you are using a VOIP connection. The beauty of this type of connection is the fact that it is incredibly cheap. You are obviously not going to be relying on making ‘phone calls’ through telephone lines here and thus you are not going to have to pay your telephone company a lot of money. You already have your internet connection in place, why not use it?

If you want to find out more about making unlimited calls to India from Canada then we really do suggest that you check out our service, or at least get in touch with us, we will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have!