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Is It Easy To Make Free Call To India

Free call to India or for that matter to any place in the world is now possible through VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and SIP (Session Initiation Protocol). Both SIP and VoIP use the Internet to establish connection between mobile devices, or computers. India has become a prominent player in world trade, and businesspersons from across the world need to get in touch with companies and people residing in India. However, making a phone call to India is not cheap for people in many countries, and it can work out quite expensive, when several calls have to be made during a day.

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The best solution is using VoIP or SIP to make free call to India. However, it is not entirely free, as you will be paying for your Internet or Broadband service. Nevertheless, the cost is negligible when you consider the variety of things you are able to do over the Internet, and making calls is going to be only a very small part of it.

Since SIP is becoming the preferred way of making free call to India, it is necessary to know more about this form of communication and the things you will need to make the call. You will need:

The requirements for making a free call to India through VoIP are also almost the same as SIP.

Once you are set you can start making free call to India, but you should note that the person who is going to receive your call should also have SIP or VoIP. This is to say if you are strictly looking to make a free call. For a small charge, SIP or VoIP clients are able to provide the service of connecting your call to a regular mobile phone or landline in India. You can also avail the facility, where you are given a phone number instead of SIP or VoIP address, so that people from India can make a regular phone call to you, which you receive through SIP or VoIP app installed on your mobile.

These services are not free, but their cost is very nominal when you consider the cost of normal phone calls. However, some people are reluctant to opt for these services, as they need to make the payment through online channels and have to use credit cards. Some people may not have a credit card, or they might not want to reveal their credit card number to the service provider who might have an automatic billing system. In such a system, the person has to notify the service provider when he or she wants the service to be stopped, which might prove to be a hassle.